Sunday, October 12, 2014

Bright white light

White top, white pants, white sandals. White. White. White. Can't you tell how much I love the color white? I've always wanted to make an all white ensemble and here it is! (But still with a dash of black of course)

I was experimenting on what to pair with white boyfriend jeans. Like should the top be black, colored, checkered, collared, or plain? But then an idea just popped into my head to wear a white top and at first I thought it was ridiculous. I even asked myself (yes I talk to myself) why did I even think of that. But you know what? The more I thought about it, the more appealing it became.

So I decided to wear it and I am loving the result!

White halter top from Seashop | Belt from Mother's closet | Sandals from Project shoephoria
Chokers from Recklessfew | Hairtie/Bracelet from Trinkets korner

(c) Alyssa Muyco

Hope you like this all white ensemble as much as I do! Feel free to comment and you can check out my instagram for more about my life!

Till the next post!


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