Saturday, September 20, 2014


So when I was checking Lookbook, I stumbled upon Luanna’s ( post and I was intrigued by how well her outfits compliment her personality (even if I don’t really know her) so I went to her blog and I just fell inlove with her style. It was hands down amazing. She was actually one of the first bloggers that I have followed on Lookbook but I didn’t have the time to browse her blog until this week.

I was inspired by her style to create this look using dark colors with a touch of vibrancy. This day was actually humid even though it was raining so hard yesterday due to the storm (hope everyone’s okay in the Philippines!) I wore a sleeveless midriff with pleated shorts taking advantage of the sunny weather because you’ll never know when this weather will last.

Fact about me: I don't wear make-up. Well, only if there's an occasion. I just don't see the point in wearing one (and I'm just too lazy). Anyway, hope you liked this post! Do check out my instagram and you can ask me here anytime you want!

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