Monday, November 03, 2014

Skeletons, skeletons

Okay so last Tuesday I wanted to be festive and celebrate Halloween a little early and yes, if you saw someone in all black wearing skeleton tights, that was me and to all the people that had seen me and had judged me on wearing that well....i can't please everyone. I just wear whatever I like and I'm proud of it. 

Well anyway this is just something I wanted to share to all of you. I was supposed to post this on Halloween day itself but sadly, our wifi was crappy that day so I didn't get to post this.  

Initially I wanted to pair my skeleton tights with a tutu because I wanted to be a creepy ballerina but sadly the tutu that I have doesn't look nice with the skeleton tights so I just paired it with a black dress with a zipper in the middle (which can only be seen in some pictures) To complete my outfit is my mary jane heels which I absolutely love (it was actually one of my mom's heels that I "borrowed")

Black dress from Topshop | Skeleton tights from Unoshoffe | Shoes from Naturalizer

Well that's it for today! Hoped you liked my post Halloween special!
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Till the next post!


P.S. I finally made an account in Bloglovin! 

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