Monday, December 01, 2014

Sweater weather

Winter solstice had gone by so that means it's sweater weather! It's the season where even though it's rarely cold in the Philippines, no one will judge you for wearing sweaters! 

I finally got to wear my American Apparel sweater and paired it up with the cutest tennis skirt that I found in Vanilla Sky Online Shop. I super love it! It's very comfortable and not to mention c-ute!

For this outfit, I stayed with the neutral colors like white, gray, and black. I also ended up wearing some knee high socks and chunky boots from Happygirlph because I thought I already look like a school girl with the whole sweater and skirt so why not complete the look right?


Tennis skirts are also cute paired with midriffs or baseball tops and maybe converse or combat boots to finish your outfit!

Cropped Reversible Sweater from American Apparel | Tennis Skirt from Vanilla Sky Online Shop | Knee high socks from Marks and Spencer | Chunky boots from Happygirlph

Oh and this was actually an impromptu photoshoot. My family and I went to my grandmother's house for a visit so I took advantage of the close proximity of her house to UP Los Banos and took pictures there. I just really love the surroundings of the campus their! Ain't the scenery beautiful?

Well anyway, I hope this post helped in inspiring you for your next outfits!

PS: I'm so sorry I haven't posted lately. School has just been hectic. I hope you understand!

Till the next post!


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