Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Rainy summer day

It's the start of summer but it doesn't really feel like it. Gone are the days of stress eating and sleepless nights (well not really cause who sleeps at night) But with school gone, summer had welcome us with an unusually cold weather. It's weird how mother nature works nowadays. Even if it's so bright and sunny outside, it suddenly rains.

Well I'm not complaining about the cold weather because I'm in the phase of being in love with high-waist pants so I'm taking advantage of the weather before it gets too hot wear them. But you know what's sad? It's the fact that there will come a day that the weather will be too messed up that it'll be too cold or too hot for us to handle. Well don't mind me. I'm just worried of what will happen to us.
Well anyway back to the main reason of this post. For this outfit, I paired up my high-waist pants with high-heeled boots with a bit high-necklined top. (well that's a lot of high's isn't it?) Okay I'm amusing myself because of the high (there's a double meaning right their) 
Back to the main topic....again. honestly these are one of the comfiest ensembles you can wear. Even if those are high-heeled boots, they're actually very comfy! I used my heart slingback to add to the over-all comfy look. 

Thrifted top | Pants and boots from H&M |
Bag from Debenhams

Okay I think I might regret posting this because as you can see I have shown you my hyper side but I hope my hyperness doesn't make you love the outfit any less! Please tell me what you think of it. You can comment below or dm/comment on my instagram! I would really love to here from you guys!



  1. Maybe you can try glaring colors...this will show more of your creativity and fashion skill rather than going contemporary and safe in terms of style...

    1. thank you for the suggestion! I''ll use that for my next posts :)

  2. Try and look for the real girl inside you (weird or funky) but you show a different style relative to existing coz there are a lot of fashionista around. How can you differentiate yourself from the others....

    1. honestly I'm still trying to find out my own style that really suits me best and through this blog I'm not just showing my passion to everyone but I'm also getting to know myself more :)