Monday, March 31, 2014


Okay so this is my introductory post. I know it's kinda late but I was too focused on posting a fashion post already. Sorry I'm that impatient!

So here it goes! Hi! I'm Yana Kalaw. I live in Pasig City, Philippines. I study in St. Paul College Pasig as an incoming junior. I'm 14 (turning 15 on May) and I hope one day I can be like my idols in the fashion world like...
Patricia Prieto ( I really love her style!). Hope that I can also be a fashion inspiration to everyone!

I'm kinda weird and maybe sometimes annoying but when you see past that you'll see that I'm great company and I'll always have your back.

I'm sorry in advance if what I write isn't really nice because I'm never really good in writing. I know what your thinking. Why did I still make a blog? well I think that practice makes perfect and the longer I write, the better I'll be in writing! I don't really know how to work on this blog but thanks to my friend loudette my blog was fixed!

Hope you have fun reading and looking at my posts. Feel free to approach me for fashion tips (it really means a lot) or if you just need a friend! I can listen.

I'm kinda having a 1975 hangover so here's another song from them called The City. Enjoy!

Till the next post!

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