Tuesday, April 22, 2014


My family aren't really that religious but when it comes to events like Lent, we really participate. It was Holy Week last week and we went to Laguna to have our annual 'Visita Iglesia' with the family where we basically go to churches and pray the station of the cross. In total, we went to 4 churches in Quezon and Laguna.

The architecture and the interior of the churches are so intricate and are very well preserved. It's unbelievable how churches can last so long since some were build since the Spanish Era.

It may seem kinda boring but it isn't really. When you really take time on observing something you'll see and realize the beauty of it and you might even see a hidden meaning to the designs used on the churches.

'Quis Sicut Deus', it means who is like God in latin. This phrase made me really curious. I had a hunch that this Angel was St. Michael and the sword and shield that he used to defeat evil. I was right. It was about St. Michael and other archangels who fought the dragon. I'm kinda proud of myself for actually knowing that.

Anyway, I summoned my inner photography skills and took those pictures of my not so boring, not so educational, not so fun adventure. 

I hope that the pictures are okay!! Taking pictures aren't really my forte but still hope you can still appreciate the beauty of the churches!

For long trips like this, i opt for a plain white t-shirt, colored pants from Uniqlo, Adidas sneakers, and my thrifted beanie. You can never go wrong with t-shirt and jeans combo for comfort.

Till the next post! 

xoxo, Yana

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