Monday, May 12, 2014


Yesterday my family decided to have our family portrait taken. We're the type of family who likes to color code so all of us wore yellow in my mom's favor because it was mother's day. There was kind of a small problem that brother wouldn't stop crying! But still it's a waste if we didn't take the pictures already so we took pictures anyway. 

My brother looks like a rat here (but he's a cute little rat)

Let me tell you something about my family. You wouldn't know this by just looking at our family pictures but me and my siblings are hyper. Yes i said it, we're all hyper. I'm shocked that my parents haven't gave up on us already with all the chaos that we've done inside and outside the house. We're so hyper that all of us have been to the hospital to get stitches. Well except my brother...which i hope won't happen cause speaking from experience, it's not a great feeling.

Now that you've seen a side of my family. Do you think we're crazy or just  plain weird? Because I'm a part of it and I know we're crazy. Well even if my family is crazy I still love them because they're them and I'm a part of the crazy bunch!

Well see you next time folks on my next post!

xoxo, Yana

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