Saturday, August 09, 2014

The Original

I don't know why but I'm pretty obsessed with the color white (I meant hue). I find it's shade very bold yet sophisticated. Even if it looks plain outside, it is extraordinary. It shows calmness and purity. It's...magnificent really.

As you can see that in this post I went all out with the color white with the hint of black and gray. I wore my polka-dotted backless bodycon dress but to make it more casual, I put on a short-sleeved polo that I left unbuttoned. To top it all of, I wore chokers which are becoming a trend nowadays.

For the shoes I wore my all time favorite gray converse! Converse is making a comeback this year with the basics but as what everyone says, you can never go wrong with the classics. Even if they have been temporarily replaced by other brands, we will always come back to where it all started.

bodycon dress from American Apparel | see-through polo from Topshop | gray sneakers from Converse | chokers from Petrichormnl | necklace from Fudgerock 

(c) Alyssa Muyco

Till' the next post!


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