Saturday, July 26, 2014


Topshop. My favorite store for clothes (which i can only afford if items are on sale or there's an occasion) I love almost everything in there. If i can only afford it *sigh* but then again on occasion I can afford it and for my post post (super late which this was actually a late post) birthday lunch with my family in my dad's side in Kpub (Bonifacio High Street) guess what I wore? everything Topshop!

Okay so I'm back to the basics for this casual lunch with the family. You can never go wrong with the basics. You can wear it anytime, anywhere, anyplace (well actually not really but you get my point right?)  So for this, I wore my dyed croptop, my all time favorite pants the Joni jeans and my obsession since the end of March, hologram shoes! Oh how I love hologram even if if getting kind off mainstream already. It's so unique and pleasing to the eye (well for me it is)

Tryin' to be a cheerleader (not working)

Topshop dyed croptop | Topshop Joni jeans | Topshop hologram shoes

(c) Alyssa Muyco

Well this is all I've got for now!! Oh and my 
face is kind off swollen in the pictures because that was a few days after taking out my 2nd molar. Next time I'll show you my new hairstyle!! 

Till' the next post!


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