Monday, September 15, 2014

A Fondness for the 60s

Black and white is a very popular combination this 2014 and I have really grown quite a fondness with it so you may see those colors or hues a lot in my upcoming blog posts. Even if some may think that it's a bland, well they're wrong because those colors are very powerful. It's a color that can give you the boost you need and let you be confident and good about yourself.

With a kind of rugged theme in mind added with a little bit of the 60s style I decided to wear a muscle tee with a mesh midi skirt that has been growing popular with the comeback of the trends from the past. Personally, I don't really like wearing long skirts because it makes me feel old and mind you it's not fun to have people think that you are 5 years older than your real age but this skirt is an exception to that. It is just too cute to pass up on not wearing! 

Diy Muscle Tee | Skirt from therunwaymnl | Flats from Cotton On

By the way I was supposed to wear sneakers to this outfit but at the last minute, I feel like it didn't seem fitting to wear it so I just wore flats and for the first time I look white! An accomplishment on my part cause I rarely look white in pictures.

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