Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Rainy days

Whoever said "rainy days are fun days"are lying cause there's nothing fun about the rain (well for today at least). One of the reasons why rainy days are not fun is because I didn't get to have a morning run today which I was desperately in need of to have that "prom body" (have I ever told you I was third year? Well now you know)
2nd is because even though I didn't go on a morning run I still had to wake up at 8 am like seriously who wakes up at 8? (Okay maybe me on some days but I just really don't like being told what time to wake up) 3rd and my last reason is because the weather makes me sick. Not like I'm-going-to-puke-every-hour sick but the I-can't-stop-sneezing-because-of-allergies sick and it is freaking annoying.

 Despite of me having a bad mood today (an effect of having to wake up early in the morning), I got to end this day with a bang (actually I just got to buy my favorite tea but let's not spoil my fun shall we) and I still get to go out and do what I do best, shopping (well window shopping counts)!! 

For this outfit post, I took advantage of the cold weather and wore one of my long sleeved top from Zara and paired it up with a white pleated skirt. I actually doubted this outfit at first because it didn't seem right but after pairing it with my alien socks and white creepers, it feels like the last piece of a puzzle.

Top from Zara | Skirt from therunwaymnl | Socks from Topman |
Shoes from Androgyne Manila

Well anyway that's all for today! Hope you like this post! Wish me luck because it's our intrams and I'm nervous as hell. 

Till the next post!


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