Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas feels

It's Christmas and you know what that means...presents! Okay so every year my mother's side of the family always have a little get together for Christmas Eve. We have Noche Buena together, gift givings and a grand family picture taken of all of us. It's just one of those traditions that you wouldn't miss for the world because you get to catch up on what's going on with your relatives. You can just relax, bond with others and have fun.

My family and I had started a new tradition last year and that's our yearly Christmas color coding. For this year, I got to choose which color we were going to wear and I chose dark green. I picked that certain color because it's so festive and at the same time it's easy to style.

I rarely buy clothes in Forever 21 except for the basic types of clothing but this long sleeved dress is an exception. When I first saw it I instantly fell in love with it except for the cut out which is too revealing for my age so I wore a black lace blouse underneath which in my opinion made the dress look better.

Even though it's so hot in the Philippines, I still went all out with my outfit by pairing it up with over the knee socks that's also from Forever 21 and my Topshop metallic shoes that completes the Christmas-y feel of my outfit.

Long-sleeved dress from Forever 21 | Lace blouse from Mom's Closet |
Over the knee socks from Forever 21 | Metallic shoes from Topshop
Well that's all for this post. Hope you like this Christmas special! (Which is actually a day late but at least I posted it right?) Merry Christmas and I hope you all have a wonderful new year to come!


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