Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Color of Trees

I admit parkas aren't really for Philippine weather but when it rains wearing a parka is bearable I swear! I've been waiting for a time when I can wear these type of jackets but because I am a very impatient woman. I decided to wear it now. It's not as hot as you think when you wear it I promise especially when you wear it at night. I also wanted to wear it because I've been dreaming of a bit of military inspired outfit. 

As you can see I'm partnering up my military green parka with the same colored shirt and a denim skirt. I styled my denim button-down skirt like how Kylie Jenner had done it. It was actually a smart way of wearing that type of skirt especially if you have big hips like mine cause i swear it's hard to find a skirt that's a perfect fit when you have a small waist with big hips. 

Parka from H&M | Thrifted top and skirt |
Boots from Topshop

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