Friday, July 03, 2015

Rainy days and raincoats

When you live in a place where it rains even on a sunny day, it's good to be prepared with a good old fashion raincoat. But in this generation where fashion continues to evolve, you got to admit raincoats aren't really fashionable right? Well.....wrong!

It's all about finding the right one. Anything can be fashionable, you just have to know how to style them or they just have to be improved. Who knew that raincoats can be fashionable in a form of a parka right? Just like this raincoat from Mark and Spencer's which is perfect for the weather here in the Philippines. It's also very lightweight so when you don't need it, it can easily fit in your bag. So why not keep a raincoat right? If you don't like bringing an umbrella like me (which I think is an inconvenience when walking) then try finding the perfect raincoat like how I found mine.

Raincoat from Mark and Spencer's | Top from Mom's Closet |
Skirt from D'jour shop | Boots from H&M
Till the next post!

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