Friday, July 04, 2014

Be in with the crowd (The Beach Part 1)

Hawaiian shirts are very popular these days for going to the beach or even just a casual outing. I love how Hawaiian shirts can make you feel so lively with its bold colors and big leaves. It will be a great combination with shorts or a skirt. I paired mine with my Ipanema sandals and a white dropwaist skirt that contrasts with the shirt to even it out. Even if you don't wear it to the beach, it feels like you're there!

Thrifted Hawaiian shirt | Drop-waist skirt | Ipanema sandals

(c) Alyssa Muyco

Just a little something about my summer - this is the first time I've been to a beach in a long time and all I've been doing at home is watching Korean drama and reading. Fun right? Well that's how I pass time. 

On another note I am really sorry i didn't post earlier again! I said i was going to post this like last last week but school had been so hectic that i didn't get a chance to post this. Sorry!! I'll make it up to you next time somehow!

Till' the next post!


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