Monday, April 13, 2015

Take me with you

Oh how I wished I could go to Coachella....too bad I'm from the other side of the world and I wouldn't afford to go to the US just for it. Maybe I could go to Coachella after like 10 years or so? In the mean time I'll be here wearing Coachella inspired outfits just for the heck of it and maybe just maybe I would magically have a ticket to going the US.

Anyway here's how my Coachella inspired outfit goes: A gingham dress, fringed kimono, and gladiator sandals. I was seriously waiting for a time where I can wear a fringed kimono and I think a fringed kimono would be a perfect time to wear to coachella. Channeling my inner boho chic and I think I had pulled of the look. What do you think?

Gingham dress from Guess | Fringed kimono from Debenhams | Gladiator sandals from Zara

Pandora butterfly necklace

Hoped you liked this post!

Till the next one!


P.S. I've tried blurring the background of these photos and although it's sloppy I hoped you'd seen the effort that I had put into them haha

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