Sunday, January 25, 2015

Oversized cardigans

Two words. Oversized. Cardigans. It's something I want to wear so badly but I can't because of the weather here in the Philippines. I bought an oversized cardigan from The Greenlane Shop a long time ago and I've never really worn it out except for school. Finally I got to wear it the other weekend in Tagaytay cause trust me if you're planning to go there, you should really bring a thick jacket because of the cold air.

I really love oversized cardigans because of its coziness and the Aztec design of this cardigan In wearing makes it cozy but still fashionable. To add to the cozy look, I wore leggings with boots because seriously what can be a better pairing for an oversized cardigan than the classic shirt + leggings + boots combo?

Shirt from Uniqlo | Thrifted shorts | Tights and boots from Topshop

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