Wednesday, May 20, 2015

If the shoe fits

I'd like you all to meet one of my two new babies (shoes). Here's how we met: I was searching for the perfect sandals in hong kong but wherever I go, I couldn't seem to find The One. I was actually getting ready to give up on finding one (yes I know it's only a sandal but I really love shoes) but when I went to Topshop and saw a hallway full of shoes, let's just say I went a little crazy after that. Long story short I've met the one with him (yes it's a him) sitting in the middle of all the shoe racks just waiting for me.

...and we lived happily ever after...with no money (left) in my pocket. The end.

Wasn't it a great story? Anyway this outfit is one of the two outfits that I had prepared for my birthday. It's actually weird how I ended up with this outfit because when I tend to overthink thinks, I veer away from color and go with a simple yet not so simple look like this one. I actually realized a little too late that it was missing a little bit of color so I put on a bright pink bandeau to make up for it. The pink is not too much right?

Top from The Runway mnl | Skorts from Gap | Sandals from Topshop |
Bag from Ever New | Pouch from Typo
Till the next post!


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