Monday, May 18, 2015

Playing princess for a day

Every year my plans on my birthday never really go as I had planned it to be. There's always drama at first but then everything calms and all is well. Honestly.....I'm actually the problem. I've always wanted my birthday to be perfect that I've almost ruin it for me every year. Luckily, my family reminds me that I just have to relax and you know, just have fun.

This day was actually a great day. The colors that I've worn today shows the true colors of what a birthday should be. Birthdays should be about color and brightness that you share with the people you love. I'm thankful for everyone who took the time to greet me and I'm glad I had my family and relatives to spend this special day with.

My outfit shows what I feel right now. I feel bold and happy. Birthdays are a day where people can become a prince or a princess and for me, I really feel like one. (Well until the clock strikes 12 atleast)

Top from Metro Department Store | Skirt from Gingersnaps |
Shoes from Topshop
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