Monday, May 04, 2015

Colors and blurry pictures

One person had commented on one of my posts and it really made me ponder on what I have been doing. I was too caught up in pleasing everyone that I've decided to do basic outfits when it's not really me. It maybe nice once in a while to wear them but what I really like are colors, lot's of colors, and today's blog is about the beauty of mixing colors in one's outfits.

This outfit was for a garden wedding that I had attended. I went for simple yet elegant but with lot's of color (although not too overbearing) When I think of a garden wedding I always think of flowy and pastel outfits so I went for that route. A salmon sleeveless top with palazzo pants was the way to go ending it with an oversized pastel blue clutch and strappy sandals and the outfit is done.

Top from Old Navy | Palazzo Pants from Runway MNL
Clutch and shoes from Charles and Keith

I am so sorry these pictures are so blurry! The pictures were just too lively to not post! I promise I'll post clearer pictures next time I hope you like it! And feel free to comment on this post or in my instagram.

Till the next post!


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