Monday, May 25, 2015

This is what I call vintage

After seeing the jumpers that one of my favorite bloggers, Luanna of had been posting, I was pretty determined to find the perfect jumper for myself. Alas I had found it, not in any old clothing stores (because that would be too common) but in my aunt’s attic where she was finding clothes to be sold in a garage sale. I swear to God my mom and my aunt have amazing clothing. When I find one of their clothing I usually keep it for myself (after I ask for their permission of course) 

Honestly both the top and the jumper is my aunt’s that I am now a proud owner of. I’m not ashamed to admit that. I love vintage/thrifted clothing and I love it even more when I think about how the clothing is filled with tons of wonderful memories that I plan to add on.

High-neck top and Esprit jumper from my Aunt's closet |
Sandals from Fitflops

Hope you like this one.
Till the next post!


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